Farrier Services

DoubleShoe Equine Services offers a full range of hoof care for Horses, Donkeys, Mules, Alpacas, and Llamas from routine trimming to lameness care.


As the saying goes “No Hoof No Horse”! Keeping your horse on a scheduled trimming cycle affords the best outcome to maintaining hoof balance to prevent distortions and prevents diseases such as Thrush and White Line. Routine examinations can catch signs and symptoms of underlying disease and nutritional changes. When changes are observed early, these can be assessed and corrected before they become detrimental.


Some horses are not able to be barefoot and require additional protection. Each horse is an individual and based on its work, age, environment, and genetics appropriate support with shoes (steel or composites), pads, or boots may be required. Many times this a trial and error situation. I have had horses with textbook perfect hooves and cannot walk on gravel and others with hooves that have flat soles and are fine barefoot. It is the horse that informs us what they need.


A pre-purchase consultation from a farrier (Note: Does not replace a VET Pre-Purchase Exam) will provide a unique insight to the hoof care which may be needed for the horse.